Supplier of steel wire

Stainless Steel Wire, Carbon Steel Wire, Spring Wire

Stainless Steel Wire, Carbon Steel Wire, Spring Wire

Mtsco is a professional steel wire supplier with complete production technology and rich management experience..

Spring Wire

Spring wire has high corrosion resistance and good tensile strength. It is mainly used in spray springs, compression springs, tension springs, torsion......

Stainless Steel Spring Wire, Carbon Steel Spring Wire

Cold Heading Wire

Cold Heading Wire has high hardness, yield strength and tensile strength, it mainly used for various kinds of fasteners manufacturing....

Cold Heading Wire, Cold Forming Wire

Weaving Wire

Common uses for weaving wire include wire mesh for partitions, stainless steel wire mesh for filters, or wire mesh for machine guarding....

Weaving Wire, Mesh Wire

Annealing Wire

Annealed steel wire, also known as annealed tie wire, is a mild steel wire that has been annealed to improve its ductility and reduce its hardness....

Annealed Tie Wire, Annealing Wire

Electro Polishing Quality Wire

Electro Polishing Quality Wire has bright surface, little magnetism, no cracks in molding. It widely used in the manufacture of bicycle parts, kitchen......

Electro Polishing Quality Wire, Stainless Steel EPQ Wire

Shaped Wire

In order to produce high-precision parts, shaped wire is absolutely the best choice. Shaped wire has experienced a long evolution, it is not limited t......

Shaped Wire, Flat Line Wire