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MTSCO New Material: Super High Temperature Alloy - Alloy 602CA (UNS N06025)

MTSCO New Material: Super High Temperature Alloy - Alloy 602CA (UNS N06025)

MTSCO New Material: Super High Temperature Alloy - Alloy 602CA (UNS N06025)

Recently, MTSCO has successfully produced seamless tubes of super high temperature alloy Alloy 602CA (UNS N06025), with a size of 36MM OD and 1.65mm wall thickness. the success of this new material is a milestone for our group and even in the whole China. Next, let's learn more about this product case.


602CA is a super high-temperature alloy characterized by excellent oxidation resistance and stable high-temperature performance. It is widely used in aerospace, heat treatment, and industrial furnaces, especially in applications where extreme temperatures and corrosive environments are required, up to a maximum of 1,200°C. It is also used as an alloy in the manufacture of high-temperature alloys, and is used in the manufacture of high-temperature alloys for the manufacture of high-temperature alloys.

Material features

1. Excellent high-temperature creep performance values, high-temperature resistance than alloy 601 material strong.
2. Very high hardness, the port is straightforward to crack.
3. Not only under cycling conditions, it also has excellent oxidation resistance at high temperatures, up to 1200 ° C, better than other nickel-based alloys on the market today.
4. Excellent corrosion resistance in carburizing and oxidizing/chlorinating media.

Challenges and solutions

Due to the extremely high hardness of Alloy 602CA (UNS N06025), the ends of seamless pipes are easily cracked during the cold drawing and cold rolling process, resulting in extremely low yield. This technical problem has been plaguing the industry. This is also a huge challenge for MTSCO. But MTSCO's professional technical team, adhering to the spirit of exploration and innovation, finally found a solution through a series of research and experiments. We successfully overcame this problem by adding multiple cold rolling processes, and finally successfully produced seamless pipes with an outer diameter of 36MM and a wall thickness of 1.65mm. Although the yield rate is still very low, we ensured that the product has extremely high quality. quality. Before this, no one in China had ever made relevant specifications, but MTSCO has successfully supplied it twice in the past two years.


The successful supply of MTSCO Alloy 602CA Seamless Tube is of great significance to MTSCO and the entire Chinese nickel alloy field.
This is another milestone event in the development process of MTSCO. It shows the hard work and innovative spirit of MTSCO people and opens up a new path for the production of high-temperature alloys. At the same time, this is also the first time that China has successfully achieved the supply of such specifications. It marks the improvement of Maxtor's status in China's nickel alloy field and sets an industry milestone.

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